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Tetramethyl Bisphenol F ( TMBPF)

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

TMBPF is a modified BPA and by the virtue of the fact that it has four methyl groups attached, epoxy resin made from TMBPF is expected to be more heat and chemical resistant compared to that from BPA.

The TMBPF resin is also a slow reacting resin and therefore it does offer advantage of higher pot life.

Would this not be good in electrical applications, especially in potting, vacuum pressure impregnation, hand lay-ups ?

Extension if Basic Liquid Resin (BLR) can also be tried using TMBPF to get solid resins that can be used in 75 % epoxy solution or in CT/PT casting.

Even similar modification of BLR with TMBPF can be tried for producing powder coating resin. If these resins have low melt viscosity , its suitability for powder would be unquestionably good for it would exhibit the most thin coat in a single pass.

Phosphate esters made from TMBPF are known to be effective to impart UL V0  rating at about 5 phr loading.

Would it not be worth trying Vinyl Ester Resin using this molecule ?