Product Name : Acetonitrile
Synonyms : Methyl Cyanide, Cyanomethane, Ethyl nitrile, Ethanenitrile, Methanecarbonitrile.
CAS No : 75-05-8
Molecular Formula : C2H3N
Structure :
Color,(Alpha Pt-Co) : Clear Colourless Liquid With characteristic odour .
The product can be used as an extraction solvent for butadiene and aliphatic acid, calodorant, nonferrous metal floating agent.
It is also raw material for aromatizer, medicine and agricultural pesticide.
The main applications of acetonitrile include the use as solvent and vitamin A synthesis. Moreover, ACN can be used to produce vitamin B1 and amino acid active solvent.
It can also be used as a substitute for chlorinated solvent,vinyl coating,extracting agent for fatty acid,alcohol denaturing agent,butadiene extracting agent and acrylic fiber solvent.
In addition, it also has many applications in textile dyeing, illumination industry, fragrance manufacture and photosensitive material manufacture.
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