Plant & Services

Plant & Services :

Our plant in India is amongst the very few in the world to employ Vapour Phase Catalytic Methylation of Phenol.that offers varied possibilities in the manufacture of product derivatives. This technology coupled with our skilled manpower enables us to get much better product quality.

Plant & Services


The range of Cresols and  Xylenols offered by DNTL have been hitherto   offered from natural sources such  as Coal Tar and Refinery Caustics.   However, the consistency of the quantity and  quality of the materials   from these sources has been a concern for the end use  industry.

DNTL offers the range of methylated Phenols from  the Synthetic process   based on Vapour Phase Catalytic Methylation of Phenol.  The major   advantages of these materials are : 

Quality defines our work. Adequate process control and regular on site laboratory testing of raw materials and finished products ensures better value to our customers.  Our Quality Control Lab supporting our plant and process development is fully equipped with latest testing equipments like Gas Chromatograph, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, U.V. Spectrophotometer etc

Services :

A) Contract Manufacturing :
We encourage outsourcing and contract    manufacturing  based on our Vapour Phase Reaction, offering   Customized  Manufacturing services. Our Technology allows us to   manufacture a diverse range  of derivatives thereby offering you   additional flexibility. This we can do to  suit your scale, on a pilot   basis or on commercial. We offer efficiencies with  respect to scale,   cost and time.We can leverage on the facilities and expertise of our  group companies   (Deepak Group Of Companies) for Nitration, Reduction,  Ammoniation and   Sulphonation and other processes..

B) R & D and Technical  Support:

New Product Development :  On customer demand. DNTL supports new product development and encourage new ideas. Also we can provide customized products from our existing product range.Three JV research programs are in progress under secrecy agreement.

Formulations for specialty Epoxy : As a future growth    strategy DNTL has developed  various  Epoxy additives which are being   commercialized and we intend to provide bouquet  of different products   required for formulation of specialty Epoxy.

Performance Based Testing : Our   R&D and testing  facilities are well equipped to evaluate our   product performance in finished  goods and we can advise on our product   dosage to get desired results.

Technical Guidance :- Process and product related    technical issues can be discussed with our experienced technical team   and we  can guide you for new product development or product   modifications in our  field.

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